Iron on

Glitter cardstock

Powder 1/128″

Glitter Powder 1/128″ has 32 colors, sparkling effect and nice sandy touch to hand. This series has medium particles among the three Glitter Powder series.

Glitter cardstock

Glitter Powder 1/128”

Glitter Powder 1/128” has sparkling effect and 50-time wash durability. The thickness is approx. 0.25mm, and it has nice sandy touch to hand. 1/128” has bigger particles than the series of 1/256”. Quality is proven by OEKO-TEX, CA 65, EN71-3, CPSIA.
 Glitter Iron-on 1/128″
50-time wash
Average thickness 110μ
Recommended pressure 60gf
45° cutting blade
Time needed:12-15 seconds for standard glue
Temp needed: 135°C for standard glue suitable for 100% cotton, nylon and so on
Time needed: approx. 30 seconds for special glue
Temp needed: 150°C for 80%-90% water repellent fabrics and nylon materials
Medium pressure (3 / 4 bar)
Warm or cool peeling
For materials processed with silicon coating, waterproof cotton and so on, customization is needed.
Wait 24 hours before first wash
No dry clean
Washable up to 40℃
Suitable for tumble dry
No bleach or other aggressive chemical agents

Suitable fabrics

100% Cotton, nylon , and so on
100% Polyester
Cotton, polyester and blends of these materials (not suited for treated and dye sublimation fabrics)

Special fabrics

Can be customized with special glue for 80%-90% water repellent fabrics and nylon materials
Available colours

Glow in dark

Glow in dark Iron-On